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Shocking scientific revelation – extraterrestrials built Easter Island moai statues

Groundbreaking new NASA evidence

New scientific evidence today leaves the world in shock, revealing what we all were thinking but no one dared to say out loud – the mysterious moai statues of Easter Island were in fact built by extraterrestrials.

NASA scientists have worked in secret for years on decrypting the mysterious so called rongo-rongo tablets that this ancient civilization left behind. These wooden tablets were inscribed with symbols whose meaning was lost in the 1862 – 1863 slave raids. Lost – until now.

By analysing linguistic patterns and occurrence frequency of certain syllables, words and sounds, it was possible to break down the meaning of the symbols, starting with the most common articles of the Rapa Nui language, being “ko”, “mo” and “he”. Since the first rongo-rongo tablet was brought to the NASA laboratory by norwegian adventurer and author Thor Heyerdahl in 1986, the long and tedious process of deciphering the ancient symbols has finally been fruitful.


Rongo-rongo ancient alien Easter Island language
The meaning of the rongo-rongo tablets have for long been a mystery.


The undeciphered tablets held hidden truths that will change the way we see the world. They talk about how a civilization not of this world helped in making the moai statues in their honor. Evidently, these wooden tablets were left as a testament to the world of their work.

The text of the tablet known as “Text G” or “Small Santiago Tablet“, recovered by missionary Hippolyte Roussel in 1870, currently kept in Chilean National Museum of Natural History, has a particularly interesting message:

Mai ruŋa te raŋi mātou i tu’u mai ai, mo haka aŋa i te nu’u o Te Pito O Te Henua mo haka tu’u i te ‘ariŋa ora o mātou, mo haka pure i te nu’u o te ao ki a mātou.

English translation:

We came from above the sky, to make the people of The Navel of the World (ancient name for Rapa Nui) build our living faces, to make the people of the world worship us.

“We were surprised to find that the rongo-rongo symbols actually were phonetical”, NASA phonologist Eloy Hilaria says. “As we now know that the language of the extraterrestrials is the same as that of the ancient Rapa Nui civilization, we can continue searching outer space for intelligent life as we peer our deep space interstellar dishes to focus on these phonetical sounds only” he continues.


Donald Trump Easter Island announcement UFO alien
U.S. president Donald Trump held a press conference earlier today about the latest discoveries.

Alien intervention at Easter Island

One of the biggest mysteries of Easter Island, and of the world, is how the moai statues were moved. Even since the first European visit almost 300 years ago, this has left us in awe. Below is an extract from Jacob Roggeveen’s ship log from 1722. Please note that Roggeveen made an erronous observation in saying that the statues were made out of clay. They are in fact made out of solid stone from volcano Rano Raraku, often several kilometers away from where the statues stood erected.

At first, these stone figures caused us to be filled with wonder, for we could not understand how it was possible that people who are destitute of heavy or thick timber, and also of stout cordage, out of which to construct gear, had been able to erect them; nevertheless some of these statues were a good 30 feet in height and broad in proportion. This perplexity ceased, however, with the discovery, on removing a piece of the stone, that they were formed out of clay or some kind of rich earth…

This riddle is now solved, as we know that the ancient islanders had help from a civilization with superior technology.


Aliens move Easter Island moai statues
Artist’s interpretation of how the moai statues could have been transported.

Alien petroglyph Easter Island
In the hidden cave Ana O Keke, where young virgin girls were secluded in darkness for months, a petroglyph can be found that indeed does not look human at all.

Easter Island frequently visited by UFOs

One of the best spots for UFO spotting is Easter Island. Locals frequently see UFOs, both in day time, as well as during night, in the form of objects or lights that move in ways that are impossible for anything built by man. Thanks to total lack of pollution due to the remote location of the island, night skies are often crystal clear, which helps considerably in being able to see anything out of the ordinary.

We never knew why Easter Island was so frequently visited by extraterrestrials, until now.


UFO alien flying saucer Easter Island
This is believed to be one of the best photos of a UFO available to the public.


What does this new knowledge mean to mankind? Should we try to make contact with these ancient guests of ours? Should we start building moai statues to honor those superior to us? Please leave your comments below!

Please note that this is an April Fool’s article, and it is fake.

Marcus Edensky

Marcus is owner of local Rapa Nui travel agency Easter Island Travel. He is one of the few foreigners that has learnt to speak Rapa Nui fluently. He is founder of local Easter Island newspaper Tāpura Re'o - the only newspaper written entirely in Rapa Nui language.

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  1. I am pleased to know at the end of the article that it was fake. Up until then, Marcus, I thought you might believe this story. And then to include Trump made the article even more bizarre. Anyway, it is a good April Fools Day joke. By the way, I truly did enjoy the private tour with you today. It was a pleasure meeting you and conversing. My best to you.

  2. This is the actual translation of the Maori from the tablet-thingie: No matter where we are from, we do not know where we are from and where we are, and pray to the people of the world. to us.

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