House Hunters International: Where Are They Now? visiting Easter Island

HHI: Where Are They Now? at Easter Island aired this week

By Marcus Edensky

Last year, American HGTV show House Hunters International visited Easter Island when Marcus Edensky and Alicia Ika moved to Rapa Nui to start their new business Easter Island Travel. With the arrival of their newborn son, they were considering leaving their own house as it had big problems that had to be fixed, such as rainwater pouring into the kitchen. Instead of renting a new place, they ended up staying in their own house, with the goal of fixing the issues it had.

New bathroom in Easter Island episode of House Hunters
Sneak peek of totally renovated bathroom. The window looked into the kitchen in the first HHI episode.

Earlier this year, the House Hunters team returned to Easter Island to see what had happened since last time in their follow-up show called “Where are they now?”. This episode will have an island theme, and will also feature couples in Dominica and Tenerife. It will be broadcast for the first times on Wednesday, July 15 at 10:30 pm EST and Thursday, July 16 at 1:30 am EST on the HGTV channel.

Check this link for any airings in the near future.


Marcus Edensky

Marcus is owner of local Rapa Nui travel agency Easter Island Travel. He is one of the few foreigners that has learnt to speak Rapa Nui fluently. He is founder of local Easter Island newspaper Tāpura Re'o - the only newspaper written entirely in Rapa Nui language.

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