Moai Trail

Extreme 7 day horseback camping adventure

Start date Mar 12 Monday, 2017
End date Mar 18 Sunday, 2017
Spaces left

Did you run a marathon already, and are waiting for the next challenge? Do you have military experience, and think modern life is too comfortable? Or do you simply just love horses and extremely basic camping in nature? Then maybe the Moai Trail is something for you!

The Moai Trail has a limit of maximum 8 people per group (excluding staff). You will travel the island for 7 days on horse, getting to know virtually the whole island, including the most remote areas that haven't even been visited by most locals. You'll camp in tents at the top of volcanoes, caves and beaches. You will most certainly be challenged, and get memories of a lifetime.

What's included

What should you bring

The following personal things will be carried by you in a backpack of your own.

Prices and payment

Price per day and person 460 USD
Total price per person (7 days) 3220 USD

To secure your booking, we need a deposit of 25% (805 USD per person). The remaining 75% (2415 USD per person) must be paid 30 days before you start the Moai Trail. E-mails will be sent out 45 days before the start.

We need a group of 8 people to perform the tour. If a group of 8 isn't gathered, we will let you know at least a month before, and refund you 100% of your deposit.


The following map shows the path of the trail, with camp sites marked.

Night Camp site name Description
1 Vai Atare This area on the remote crater edge of volcano Rano Kau is seldomly visited. We will set camp in the pine forest of this area.
2 Road to Ahu Akivi We will camp somewhere on the way to Ahu Akivi.
3 Terevaka This volcano marks the highest point of the island, 511 m above the ocean.
4 Ana Tu'u Hata A cave by the ocean.
5 Pū a Katiki The crater of volcano Poike offers one of the most stunning views of the whole island.
6 Anakena This is the biggest and most beautiful beach of Easter Island.

Itinerary may have slight changes due to organizational improvements or unpredictable events.

How to book

As space for the Moai Trail is limited, please let us know as soon as you can of your interest, so we can reserve space for you. Please also note that flight tickets are in very high demand for these dates, so please make sure you book your flight tickets as soon as possible.

Please contact us today to book you in!