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The tiny pearl of mystery in the vast Pacific Ocean known to most as Easter Island was called the Navel of the World by its ancient people. You will see why, as cruising here will take 2-4 days, with nothing else around than ocean.

Cruise into a world of ancient mysteries in an unforgettable shore excursion trip, visiting all of the Easter Island highlights during your stay.

Shore excursions with maximum experience

A shore excursion is all about getting the maximum experience when time is limited. With our award-winning cruise ship tours, you will get just that. Our shore excursions are highly optimized to avoid other tour groups, which is particularly important on cruise ship days.

Our guides are carefully picked to be professional, caring, knowledgeable and speaking English well. Shore excursion groups are small; sometimes down to 10 people or less per vehicle (often available at request), and never bigger than approximately 20 people, for maxed out personalization.

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For your convenience, we offer online availability checks and instant bookings. Payment is done online, allowing you to pay securely using your credit card, from the comfort of your home.

As the length of stay for each cruise ship varies, we have carefully designed tours for every ship. Please select your cruise ship below and book your life adventure today!



For your convenience, payment is done online at the time of booking. To our experience, full prepayment is the far superior way in regards to being well-organized and having things to smoothly. We use PayPal as our main service provider, allowing you to pay securely and from the comfort of your home with your VISA, MasterCard, AmEx or Discovery card.

National park entrance fee

Easter Island has been declared a national park. Access to all tour sites is 80 USD (subject to change). Tickets can be purchased upon disembarking the cruise ship tenders at the park administration desk. Cash only. Chilean pesos and US dollar bills in good condition only please.

Tenders and group organization

Groups meet on board the cruise ship and enter the tender together. After purchasing the park entrance fee in port, please report to our desk. You'll be directed to our vehicle to start enjoying the island right away.

Lady arriving to Easter Island with cruise ship tender

Each group will have a person in charge. This person is a fellow passenger who has volunteered to help out and make things easier for everyone. If you want to volunteer yourself as an organizer, please let us know. Meeting time on the cruise ship is 1 hour before arrival in port, though not earlier than 08:00 in the morning. The organizer will be waiting in the tender lounge with a banner showing our company name Easter Island Travel, the name of your shore excursion and the group number (obtained when you book). There will also be a full passenger list with names, cabin numbers and e-mails. Everybody will have access to this list, which is sent out automatically by e-mail.

One of our representatives will be at the port during the morning to answer any questions you may have.

Tour end time and ship departure

Our goal is to drop you off at the harbor at least 1.5 hours before departure time. Because the island is so small, there's no risk of missing your ship, since driving from one end of the island to the other takes no more than 30 minutes.

Is Easter Island like home?

Most probably not. Easter Island is the most remote place in the world. It is part of Chile - a fairly undeveloped Latin American country. Living standards are far from what other Polynesian islands like Tahiti and Hawai'i offer, and is very different from what you'll be used to aboard the cruise ship. Roads are often in a bad state. Water and power cuts are common, as is phone and internet service failure. Bathrooms are limited, but we do plan stops where there are bathrooms.

Official languages are Spanish and native Rapa Nui language, and Easter Island only has a handful of native English speakers, so don't be surprised if your guide has an accent. Vehicle offer is limited (especially on cruise ship days), but we always do our best to give you the highest level of comfort and quality.

Frequently asked questions

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  • Booking and payment

    • How is payment done?

      We charge the full tour cost online using PayPal, so you may pay securely and comfortably from your home. VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discovery cards are accepted.

    • Can I pay with cash in port?

      No. We charge the full amount online to avoid handling cash on the tour day, making things go smoother and quicker for everyone.

    • Are there any additional fees?

      In addition to the shore excursion cost, a national park entry fee of 80 USD (subject to change) per person in cash is charged by the administration present in port. Only bills in good condition are accepted.

    • What happens if weather prevents us from landing by tender?

      In case of bad weather, we will be on stand-by to see if weather changes. The alternative cruise ship port at a different side of the island (beach Anakena) will also be considered. In the unlikely case of tenders being unable to enter Easter Island at all (happens around 1 out of 20 ships), we will refund a generous 50% of your shore excursion payment. The rest will cover part of guide salaries, vehicle rentals etc, which we still have to pay.

    • How do I check availability for the tour I want?

      Simply select the quantity of passengers and the cruise ship tour you are interested in, and availability for your shore excursion will automatically be displayed in section 4) Check availability.

    • When is last chance of booking?

      Shore excursion bookings can be made until 24 hours prior to cruise ship arrival to Easter Island. Please note that it is your own responsibility to get in contact with your group organizer, to let this person know that you are part of the shore excursion group.

    • Can I book together with others but we all pay separately?

      No. The whole booking must be paid for at the moment of booking by the person that books.

    • Can I as an agent buy shore excursions for my clients?

      Yes! When booking, simply untick the box I'm on the tour. Please do make sure your clients have the sufficient level of mobility required for the tour.

  • Tour day and organization

    • Is there any risk of not making it back to the cruise ship in time before it leaves?

      No. Thanks to the tiny size of Easter Island, it doesn't take more than 20 minutes to drive from one side to the other, and we always plan our tours to end at least 90 minutes before ship departure.

    • Where can I get the national park ticket?

      The 80 USD (subject to change) park ticket is bought in port, paid in cash to the park representatives present in port. Only bills in good condition are accepted.

    • How do I contact others in my own shore excursion group?

      When booking, a shore excursion account is created for you. When logged in you can communicate with others in your shore excursion group. You can also create accounts for other passengers you have booked for, to let them participate in the discussion.

    • Where and when do we meet?

      The whole group will get together on the cruise ship one hour before arrival to Easter Island (though at 07:30 as earliest) in the tender lounge. A complete passenger list with names and cabin numbers will be sent by e-mail to help with this process. An organizer (tour group member that has volunteered to help out) will be holding a sign with our company name, tour name and group number. Once the group is complete, you will embark the tenders. Once reaching the Easter Island port, please buy the park ticket and report to us at our table. There will be a sign with our logo and company name.

    • What is an organizer?

      An organizer is a tour group member that has volunteered to help out with getting the group together. This person will gather the group at the cruise ship, holding a sign with our company name, tour name and group number. You will find out who your organizer is, or apply for becoming a shore excursion organizer yourself, after booking.

    • I have mobility challenges. Can I take your tours?

      It says on the shore excursion info page what level of mobility is required. Please respect the level of mobility required for each shore excursion.

    • How do I contact you on the tour day?

      We will be present in port in case you have any questions.