Entry and immigration to Easter Island

Easter Island has a special care and protection from the Chilean government, which is why there is a higher control of people entering this island than compared to the rest of Chile. At the airport in Santiago (Chile's capital), you can either board the plane as a tourist, or as a resident.

The following rules are currently under a "soft start", and will not be strictly enforced until January 31st 2019.

Entering Easter Island as a tourist

Maximum stay30 days

Exceptions to this rule can be made in certain cases, for example archaeological studies that require longer time etc.


The following documents are required to board a plane going to Easter Island:

Certified accommodation

A certified accommodation is a hotel, hostel, cabin or room that's registered with SERNATUR - the Chilean National Tourism Service. If you found your lodging online, then most probably it will be registered with SERNATUR. If it is an overly informal lodging alternative, or one that is being offered online since very recently, then perhaps you may ask your accommodation if they are registered with SERNATUR, just to be safe.

To board a plane going to Easter Island you'll need a confirmation of a booking at a certified accommodation. Any printed document, or any booking confirmation on your phone etc will suffice, as long as it states the following:

Invitation from a resident

If you don't have a confirmed booking at a certified accommodation, it basically means that you'll be coming over to Rapa Nui to visit friends and/or family. When boarding an airplane coming over here, you will then need an invitation from the person you're visiting. There is a certain form for this that your contact can get at the local government office, the gobernación. Please ask them to fill it out, and send it to you by e-mail, WhatsApp or any other preferred method.

Before boarding your airplane, you may either show this document in electronic form (your phone, computer etc) or in printed form.

Entering Easter Island as a resident

When boarding a plane going to Rapa Nui as a resident, you simply have to show your passport. If you don't have a rapa nui family name, the board control will look you up in their computer system to verify that you are in fact a resident. This requires you to have registered as a resident before.

Registering as a resident

The procedure of how to become a registered resident is different depending on your circumstances.

Is rapa nui
Has rapa nui family name
Has rapa nui spouse
Has rapa nui children
Has work contract
Has a company
Has lived at Easter Island since before Jan 24, 2016
Is parent, grandparent or child of resident
No need to register
Get a Certificado de calidad indígena from CONADI and present it at the gobernación to get registered.
Present the following documents at the gobernación:
  • Marriage certificate
  • ID
Present the following documents at the gobernación:
  • Birth certificate of your rapa nui child
  • ID
Present the following documents at the gobernación:
  • Work contract
  • Rental contract
  • ID
Present the following documents at the gobernación:
  • Company registration papers
  • Rental contract
  • ID
Ask at the gobernación for a special permit to get registered as a resident.
Present corresponding documents at the gobernación showing your relation to the resident.

More information

If you have any questions, please contact us, and we'll be more than happy to help you out.