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Welcome to Easter Island Travel - your ultimate resource for Easter Island tourism and travel! Planning a trip to the Navel of the World? Find out everything you need to know about travel and tourism for your Easter Island vacation here. We invite you to discover the ancient mysteries of Easter Island with us!

Easter Island, also known as Rapa Nui, is an UNESCO world heritage site, known for its hundreds of gigantic moai statues scattered all over the island. Learn more about this fascinating island!

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Easter Island regulations

  • Proof of vaccination

    • Before leaving Santiago, you must show proof of vaccination
  • SERNATUR-registered lodging

    • When boarding in Santiago, you must display a confirmation of booking of a lodging that's registered with SERNATUR, the Chilean National Tourism Service
  • National park ticket required

    • To enter any of the archaeological sites, you must carry a national park ticket
  • Guide required

    • You must be accompanied by a guide when entering the archaeological sites

Read about regulations and a lot more in our Easter Island travel guide.

Learn about Easter Island

Rapa Nui man with elongated earlobes from James Cook's visit in 1774. See more old artwork.

On a tiny speck of land in the world's greatest ocean, tribal chieftains raised colossal megaliths to praise their dead. One day, the the people almost vanished, and stories were passed down between the few descendants that were left, trying to remember the past. Scattered all over the island are the mysterious statues with lips forever sealed, as an evidence of the greatness that once was.

Easter Island is the place where history meets legend. Fascinating history is present in an almost surreal way.

From once existing in the numbers of only a bit more than a hundred people, there are today approximately 3000 people who share the Rapa Nui lineage, in a small society mainly driven by tourism. Rapa Nui is today part of Chilean territory and the influences from Chile are strong. The Rapa Nui decendants constantly strive to remember their cultural heritage through practicing their culture in dances, art and music.

Read Easter Island facts and info »

Read Easter Island facts and info »

Travel guide book online for free

Rapa Nui guide book

Travel well-prepared, knowing that you'll make the most out of your trip. The distance is far, so it's a good idea to do some planning. Before you make any definite plans, read our free online travel guide book, full of travel tips, suggestions, guidelines - all tourism and travel information you will ever need!

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