Ahu Akivi of Rapa Nui (Easter Island) represent the seven explorerers who found this land for king Hotu Matu'a when Hiva was in chaos.

Ahu Akivi - the only moai statues facing ocean

Seven moai statues of Ahu Akivi in the afternoon.
Anakena is the biggest sand beach of Rapa Nui (Easter Island) Moais of Ahu Akivi facing the ocean in the morning.
Graphic demonstration of viewing angle of Ahu Akivi in relation to Marquesas Islands. Graphic demonstration of viewing angle of Ahu Akivi in relation to Marquesas Islands.

Ahu Akivi has seven statues and is the only ahu with moais that are looking out towards the ocean.

Ahu Akivi was restored by William Mulloy in the 1960's.

All moais face the village of the tribe that owns the ahu. Ahu Akivi is located inland and not by the coast, and the village was between the ahu and the ocean. Because of this, Ahu Akivi faces both the village of its owners, as well as the ocean.

There are rumors among certain Rapa Nui families that the seven statues of Ahu Akivi represent the seven explorers sent by king Hotu Matu'a to find Rapa Nui a thousand years ago. According to these rumors, the moais are looking back towards where the Rapa Nui people once came from. The land of origin is in oral tradition called Hiva, which most probably is the same as Marquesas Islands. The viewing angle of Ahu Akivi and the direction of Marquesas Islands have a difference of 28°.


In the morning, Ahu Akivi is backlit. This is great for taking photos from behind the monument, of how the statues are looking out towards the ocean, which is what is unique about this ahu.

In the afternoon/evening, sunlight falls on the faces of the moais. If you're there a bit early but still want to take photos of the front, make sure you go to the left side (when facing the statues) of the ahu. This is where the sunlight hits first. In this case, if a person is posing in the photo, he or she should face the statues for best light.

Visit Ahu Akivi

When booking any of our vacation packages of 3 nights or more, Ahu Akivi is included by default. The site is also included in the Birdman tour.

How to get to Ahu Akivi

Ahu Akivi is located in the interiors of Rapa Nui. The easiest way to find Ahu Akivi is by taking the following route:

  1. Go to the main island road that leads to Anakena.
  2. Drive towards Anakena, passing the airport on right hand side.
  3. After 1 km the road will curve to the left, and there will be a smaller road straight ahead that leads to Vinapu. Follow the road as it curves to the left.
  4. After around 3 km there will be a road to the right with a sign saying Rano Raraku. Don't take this road - continue straight ahead instead.
  5. After a few hundred meters there will be a road to the left towards Ahu Akivi. Take this turn.
  6. Follow the road. After a few kilometers you will end up at a parking lot just in front of Ahu Akivi.