Easter Island dance shows

Seeing a live show of the unique Rapa Nui music and dances is something you shouldn't miss. There are a few different options, and below are the most notable ones.

Te Ra'ai

The most popular, and also the newest show, is the one offered at the event oriented restaurant Te Ra'ai by their own group Haha Varua. Between the well executed dances, the chieftain explains the meaning of what the audience sees, without ever losing the constant intensity and entertainment value of the show.

At Te Ra'ai, one might attend only the show, though most visitors prefer also enjoying the full evening package. This consists of having faces painted, learning more about the Rapa Nui music and culture, participating in the opening of the 'umu ta'o (food cooked in the earth) and having that same food as dinner before viewing the show.

Book Te Ra'ai show and dinner

We may help you to book Te Ra'ai show and dinner.


Kari-Kari is another popular group. This is the oldest show group at Easter Island. They execute their show without microphones, striving for an authentic feel. They are comfortably situated in the center of Hanga Roa, in the middle of the main street Atamu Tekena.

Vai Te Mihi

Vai Te Mihi is a new, spacy place which also offers a popular show. They have a more modern approach, intensifying their show with colored, flashing lights, achieving an impressive result. They are located by the ocean, near the cementary.