Easter Island restaurants

Rapa Nui offers many excellent culinary experiences. Eating at a restaurant at Easter Island costs around 12 000 CLP - 20 000 CLP for a meal and a beverage. Smaller kitchens will satisfy your hunger for around 5 000 CLP.

The Easter Island restaurants listed below have good food and service for standard prices.

Tataku Vave

At Tataku Vave, seafood is in focus. They strive for a more local Easter Island touch by for example using seaweed as an ingredient. This restaurant has a spectacular view located just by the ocean. It's off the center in the harbor called Hanga Piko. Food and service is very good.

Au Bout Du Monde

Au Bout Du Monde serves Belgian and Polynesian food. It's surprising to see how desolate of people this restaurant is, while having such great food, good service and being centrally located in Hanga Vare-Vare with ocean view, before Vai Te Mihi and the cementary. Au Bout Du Monde has the most tender meat of Rapa Nui, imported from the south of Chile.


Kaleta is beautifully built using only wood. Location couldn't be better, being located just by the ocean at the end of the peninsula of the central harbor. Food and service is good.

Haka Honu

Haka Honu has ocean view and is centrally located close to beach Pea, next to the bank Banco Santander. Their seafood steak is highly recommended.


This restaurant is like a cultural oasis at Rapa Nui, being the only Easter Island restaurant that offers solely Japanese food. Visitors are well taken care of with meticulous attention and every detail is thought of. Kotaro is a one-man-restaurant, so seats are limited and you may have to book a table in advance. To book, call (+56 9) 66 44 30 68.

Panaderia O Te Ahi

This is a common chilean bread bakery, but they have the best empanadas of Rapa Nui. An empanada is a pastry with filling (such as meat or chicken) wrapped up in a thin bread dough, baked in an oven or deep fried in oil. Most small kitchen that offer empanada fry them in oil because it's quicker and easier, but Panaderia O Te Ahi has only oven-baked empanadas.

An empanada is around 5 USD, and those who are especially hungry may want to have two. If you enjoy beer with your food you may walk a few steps up the street to the small shop Eivi where they offer a few different varieties. They have tables in front of the shop where you may enjoy your empanada and beer. This makes for a quick, economic and enjoyable meal.

Veri Amo

There are three small restaurants at beach Anakena, and this is the best one. Still, being the furthest away from the main entrance to beach Anakena, it is the least busy one. They have some of the best empanadas of Rapa Nui. Beer and other drinks are also available.