Pea - small Easter Island beach in town center

The beach Pea (pronounced pe-a, with the same 'e' as in "error") isn't much compared to the tropical beach of Anakena, but for its accessability it's still a popular place, as it is right below the center of the only Easter Island town Hanga Roa.

Many wave surfers enter the ocean from beach Pea, as the two waves Papa and Hava break just in front of the beach, 250 m into the ocean.

The best part of beach Pea is the location. From the central market in the main street Atamu Tekena it's a couple of minutes walk down towards the ocean. The tourist information office is just on the other side of the street. There's a restaurant just by the beach bearing the same name as the beach; Pea. Food is nothing special here, but the ice-cream bar of the restaurant is quite popular. Good restaurants nearby are Haka Honu (between restaurant Pea and the bank Banco Santander) and Kaleta (the last building in the small harbor closeby).

A more secluded alternative to Pea would be Poko-Poko.