Easter Island wave surfing

Learn how to surf

Alicia Ika of Easter Island Travel is a local pioneer in surfing and was the first to teach surfing at Rapa Nui. Contact us for private lessons. Surf boards are available for rental.


Easter Island offers waves for all skill levels, from beginners to advanced.


Height:3 m

This is the most popular and accessible wave. It breaks at a rock 250 m from the beach Pea, hence the name Papa which means "rock" in Rapa Nui. It is a perfect wave for learning since it is safe, slow and not too big. First-timers may catch the wave closer to the beach.


Height:5 m

150 m to the north of Papa lies Hava. It goes right into sharp rocks, so even the most skilled surfers should never go without being accompanied by someone who knows the wave well.

Mataveri Papa Tangaroa (Vinapu) Hanga Nui (Poike) (Runga Va'e) (Vaihu) Pakaia (Ovahe) (Anakena) (Tahai)