Panorama of Tahai area, close to Hanga Roa, Easter Island (Rapa Nui)

Tahai - ancient Easter Island village near town Hanga Roa

Tahai is a site with several ahus and moai statues close to Hanga Roa, restored by William Mulloy.

Tahai has three ahus; Ahu Vai 'Uri (5 moais), Ahu Tahai (1 moai) and Ahu Ko Te Riku (1 moai). The moai of Ahu Ko Te Riku is the only moai with eyes restored, though they are made of cement as opposed to coral.


Photos of the statues at Tahai turn out best before noon, when the faces of the moais are sun-lit. In the afternoon, they become backlit and it's harder to take good photos.

Sunset and moonset photos

Full moon setting from Tahai.

Tahai is one of the few places where the sun sets behind the statues. For its beautiful setting and proximity to town, Tahai is a very popular place for taking sunset photos. Any clear day you will most likely be in the company of many.

If you're taking photos of the moon setting behind the statues, you will probably be alone, or in the company of very few. When the moon is full, it will set in the same spot as the sun. The full moon always sets over the horizon in the morning. Before the moon is full it will set before sunrise, and after full moon it will set after sunrise.

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