Easter Island ship logs: Edward Davis, 1687

Captain Edward Davis was an English pirate and possibly the first to discover Rapa Nui, though he never disembarked at the island.

Lionel Wafer

Narrator Lionel Wafer who cruised with Captain Edward Davis gives the following account.

Bound to the southward, in latitude 12 degrees 30 minutes and about 150 leagues off the coast, experienced a shock of earthquake, that was afterwards found to correspond with the destruction of Callao by earthquake. Having recovered from our fright we kept on to the southward. We steered south-and-by-east-half-easterly, until we came to latitude 27 degrees 20 minutes south, when about two hours before day we fell in with a small, sandy island and heard a great roaring noise, like that of the sea beating upon the shore, right ahead of the ship. Whereupon the sailors, fearing to fall foul upon the shore before day, desired the captain to put the ship about, and to stand off until the day appeared; to which the captain gave his consent. So we plied off till day and then stood in again with the land, which proved to be a small flat island, without any guard of rocks. We stood in within a quarter of a mile of the shore and could see it plainly, for it was a clear morning, not foggy or hazy. To the westward about 12 leagues, by judgement, we saw a range of high land, which we took to be islands, for there were several partitions in the prospect.

This land seemed to reach about 14 or 16 leagues in a range, and there came great flocks of fowls. I and many more of our men would have made this land and have gone ashore on it, but the captain would not permit us. The small island bears from CopiapĆ³ almost due east 500 leagues, and from the Galapagos, under the line, 600 leagues.