Ship logs and journals from Easter Island visits

Old personal reports from early visitors to Easter Island are truly an interesting read since they are written by the hand of a first-hand whitness. Though, it should also be remembered that the authors were often not very scientific, but rather wrote how they personally perceived the situation.

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YearNameCountryTime at islandNote
1687Edward DavisGreat BritainnonePossibly the first European to spot Easter Island.
1722Jacob RoggeveenNetherlands5 daysFirst European to disembark at the island. He named the island Easter Island.
1770Don Felipe GonzálezSpain7 daysHe claimed the island for the current Spanish king under the name Isla de San Carlos, but Spain soon forgot about its conquest for the remoteness and lack of value.
1774James CookGreat Britain3 days
1816Otto von KotzebüeRussia1 dayThey were met with unexpected hostility, which after a short visit to Anakena forced them to leave the island. They did not see a single woman.
1864Eugenio EyraudFrance9 monthsHe was a missionary who arrived to Rapa Nui a year after the devastating Peruvian slave raids. He was the first foreigner to ever live among the Rapa Nui people.