Easter Island beaches

Anakena is the biggest sand beach of Rapa Nui.

Easter Island perhaps isn't famous among world class beachgoers for having a broad supply of sandy beaches, but there are a few worth mentioning.

The biggest beach of Rapa Nui is Anakena, located at the north-east side of the island. A 15 min taxi ride will get you there. Anakena is also the last stop in the guided tour Full day tour, lunch included (Rano Raraku, Anakena) in any of our packages. The beach has an ahu with seven moai statues in the sand.

The smaller, more private beach Ovahe is located 800 m to the east from Anakena. A high rock wall casts a shade over the beach in the afternoon. This is nice for hot summer days, but may be a bit cold during winter.

A closer alternative would be the beach Pea, right in the town center, beside the resturant with the same name. This place is well-known for its turtles paying avid visits.

Another nice, more secluded alternative in town is in Hanga Vare-Vare. This area has a shallow but quite wide ocean pool with palm trees surrounding it. Here isn't much beach to talk about since the pool has been reinforced with cement. It's located in front of the music club Vai Te Mihi, below the cementary.