Easter Island mountain biking

On a bike you'll be able to explore Easter Island much more freely than with a vehicle, having the possibility of going wherever you want. The rental shop Make-Make in the middle of Atamu Tekena specializes in mountain bikes.

Renting a mountain bike will cost around 15 000 CLP per day.

Popular trips on a bicycle include:


At this 15 km ride from Hanga Roa to the sandy beach of Anakena you will enjoy the hilly landscape of Rapa Nui by crossing the island.

Rano Raraku and Tongariki

Ride along the south coast to reach Ahu Tongariki. If the moon is full and the sky is clear you will have good sight during nighttime, so you might even go early to see the sunrise.

Have a stroll in the Rano Raraku volcano while you're in the vicinity. You might even go the full circuit around the island, and you will end up at Anakena for a bath before you return home to Hanga Roa.

Rano Kau

This is the shortest but also the heaviest of all circuits since it's constantly going uphill. Most people give up early and walk the bicycle up the volcano.